WIX Seo Hero Contest: What it is and how you can win Big through it

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I am a SEO professional working as a freelancer. I have helped many people in improving the rankings of their websites and blogs.  Recently I bumped into my old college friend at a party where he told me how I can use my expertise as a SEO professional to win a prize of $50000.

He said that a competition is being organized by Wix.com in which the winner stands to get prize money of $5000. This contest has been named SEO Hero challenge Wix and it asks the contestants to prove their mettle in the field of SEO.

Anyone can register and take part in this contest called SEO Hero challenge. All it requires form the contestants is to create a website and optimize it using the key phrase SEO Hero. Registrations for the contest are open from 16 November till 16 December 2016. You can give any name to your website but the main condition is that it should be optimized with the term SEO Hero.



The contest shall remain open till March 2017. The winner of the contest will be the individual whose website ranks uppermost in the searches on Google using the term SEO Hero. Judges will conduct searches for the websites taking part in this contest between 13 and 15 March 2017 to check how they fare on Google.

Remember that this contest is in no way associated with Google or any other search engine. The winner will be receiving a cash prize of $50000. The judge of this contest will be Eran Haurvitz. He is the CEO of a company called Market360Inc.

Eran is a SEO expert himself and he will be checking that the contestants have made use of best practices in SEO or not. Contestants having used black hat SEO techniques would be debarred from the competition. If you are taking part in this contest, you should submit your URL before 16 December 2016 to be eligible for the prize money.

You cannot use an existing website to take part in SEO Hero contest and you have to buy a new domain to be eligible for the contest. Afterwards, you also need to make account with Google search console and analytics. Link the account with the official website of SEO Hero and set down to optimize your website.  Who knows it could be you winning this competition?


Web 2.0 Properties And Using Them For Marketing Purposes

There are a lot of ways that Web 2.0 properties have changed the face of the internet. There are a lot of sites you use regularly that are a part of this like social media. If you can harness the power of this in the way you market, it can be very helpful.

Marketing has to be done in a certain way depending on the site you’re using. Something like Facebook is not the same as Google+ Page or Blogspot in a lot of ways. You need to know what kind of content is shared a lot on that platform. Some are all about images, and others may be about sharing information as it happens. You can always sign up to a few of the social media giants and learn what they are about. Or, you can just read up on how to use each platform for marketing so you can use any of them you want!

When working through a marketing campaign, you need to make sure that you are ready to change up the plans you have. One day, you may find that a website is not as good as you thought and that you need to move to another. If you’re not willing to make changes, then marketing won’t work because you won’t keep up with other companies that have already embraced them. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to sign up to a new social media website because they make it for the general public to use.

Sharing messages with the world through social media is not going to work for your company if you don’t make sure they are useful or fun in some way. If you just post a link somewhere and tell someone to buy something, they probably won’t do that. Instead, you have to find a way to convince people that you are a good company that’s just there to help. One option is to try to create a blog that has interesting facts about different parts of your niche. You can link people to that kind of article, and your company’s link could be written into the content.

If you’re in need of marketing help, make sure you get someone that specializes in marketing through the web 2.0 properties and your Google+ Page If they don’t know much about this then they may do an okay job but still not the job you need them to do. Try taking a look at how to do the work yourself a little, too, because if you’re into marketing anyways you may find it to be a useful skill to learn. One thing that’s true about marketing is that it only helps you if you work very hard on making it work properly.

The web 2.0 properties that you can use to your advantage are coming out often and are driving sales. Try to keep up with what’s trending in the online world and when you find what works for you it’s easy to get started.


Web 2.0 Properties And Marketing Your Company The Best Way

Anyone can tell you that web 2.0 properties and marketing go hand in hand these days. How do you take this and make it work to your advantage? There are plenty of great pieces of marketing advice like what you’ll get here.

A lot of marketing these days has to do with being personal with someone in a different way. Instead of being on local TV or trying to use SEO all the time, you can use social sites and the like to really connect with people. A lot of what makes a company appealing that is up on the new web properties is that they are doing all they can to make people happy. What we see today in the world of Web 2.0 properties will not be what we see in the future and that can be hard to deal with if you’re not careful.

Social media has been one of the giants in today’s world when it comes to entertainment and ads. People will always use these kinds of sites, or at least will continue for a long time with them. Chances are, people have become so in love with and addicted to this kind of thing that it will give marketers a long time to work their magic on them. Find what works and what doesn’t work and then you can focus on not making the same mistakes time and again like some companies do. I like to create a Blogspot blog and an about.me profile to begin with.

The problem with a lot of these systems is that if you’re not trained at marketing no them you will have some issues at first. Sometimes it’s easier to look for people that help with this for a living. They probably found out they were good at it when marketing themselves for something. Whatever happened, those that do certain kinds of social media marketing are certainly a good idea to work with if they have a nice history. Usually, a marketer will keep a portfolio so that you can check out what they have done and what their skills are like.

Try to sign up for a website that talks about marketing and different ways that technology influences it. There are blogs and websites with news on them that you can sign up to get notifications from when they post something new. If you can keep up with what is going on and how it works then you can get your business onto the new platform far before someone you’re competing with. If you can read the news once a week or so, then you’ll probably get to know what’s big pretty fast and can try looking more into it.

Web 2.0 properties (like Gravatar) and marketing options are useful if you want to get your company off of the ground. It will take work, money, and time but all that will be worth it! If you can stay on top of trends and start to understand them quickly, it can benefit you greatly.


How To Master Your Keyword Research And Select The Best Keywords

Before doing any search engine optimization for your internet site, it is needed to set goals in the direction of which you can aim. The most basic of these goals is rating for a particular collection of key words. You could believe the most prominent key words in your market are the ones for which you ought to rate, it is important to keep in mind that top quality (like in several other things), as opposed to amount, is exactly what is important.

To highlight, allow’s state you have an internet site that offers blue (and also just blue) widgets. Your very first thought, when it concerns positions and also keyword choice, could (as well as probably) will certainly be that your website needs to rank for words ‘widgets’ in order to succeed. So let us see if that is in reality true.

Let us claim that the search phrases ‘widgets’ has a month-to-month search quantity of 5,000. As well as let’s likewise state that via extraordinary initiatives (because ‘widgets’ is going to be a pretty challenging keyword to rate for) you (or the business you hire) take care of to obtain your website to rate in the # 1 setting in all search engines. Let us additionally think that every internet search engine individual who searches for the keyword ‘widgets’ ends up clicking the # 1 listing (which is not the case). Now, the 5,000 searches performed by search engine users for the term ‘widget’ could be damaged down right into two extremely broad groups: those that are seeking to get a widget (of some color), as well as those that are simply looking for info on widgets.

What is also real, is that those looking to purchase are likely mosting likely to be interesting in a range of colors, no only blue widgets. It needs to be clear by currently that a big section of the 5,000 visitors that will be concerning your site by the merit of your unlikely high rankings are not going to have an interest in exactly what you need to use because your internet site uses just blue widgets. This is one of the most essential reason, why keyword research study and also choice are crucial for an effective as well as sustainable seo project.

Because your web site focuses on blue widgets, wouldn’t it make more sense to disregard the stealthily huge search volume of the term ‘widgets’ and rather focus your efforts behind placing for the term ‘blue widgets’ (as well as variants thereof)? If you are unsure of the solution, it is “Yes, it does make even more sense to disregard the stealthily huge search volume.” Other than absence of specificity, the term ‘widgets’ will be very tough to place for, since it is an extra common term as compared to ‘blue widgets’.

The degree of competitors of a search phrase will dictate the quantity of effort it will need to acquire high rankings for said key words. Provided the reality that a generic term like ‘widgets’ is extremely tough to rate for, and is much less most likely to assist create a conversion for your site compared to a term such as ‘blue widgets’, would not it make feeling to pursue positions for a search phrase which has much less competition, and also a greater potential to send well-converting traffic? The Answer, once more, is “Yes, it does make sense.”

There are a range of tools you can utilize to research key words, however one of the keyword study tools which needs to one of the most up-to-date and also reputable data is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. You might say, “But, Mr. SEO post author person, that is a key words tool specifically designed for AdWords, which is a pay each click advertising system.” And also Mr. SEO post author person would certainly say, “What is the difference? The device still gives the very same specific data you would certainly have to review whether to go after positions for a certain key words.”

Now that we have that cleared up, see to it you focus when it involves keyword choice, ensuring the key phrases for which you will expend effort in order to rank are not going to be a waste of your time as well as money.

Understanding your particular niche, the competitors, and also what your website is capable of

If you’ve lately begun an auction website, ebay.com is not your competition. Maintain that instance in mind when you are attempting to determine exactly what keyword phrases to choose. If your website (a single web page is not a web site) is brand-new (less compared to a years of age), you will certainly have to make some concessions about the sort of key words you can start your optimization procedure with. Going back to the auction website instance, you would be well suggested to stay away from the keyword ‘auction’. This is not to say that you must disregard the famous key phrases for your industry, however you additionally need to not anticipate to see outcomes for a long while.

Source could be found below www.startelo.com

Oceans’ 17 Returns To Aberdeen


The Oceans’ 17 Conference have confirmed that it will returns to Aberdeen next year. Subsea UK have also announced that it plans to support the event.

Subsea UK is the industry body that helps regulate and represent the subsea sector. The organisation are now the Gold Patron of the Oceans’ 17 event. In the United Kingdom the subsea sector is worth a staggering nine billion pounds.


The Oceans’ 17 event will bring key markets and key companies together in order to protect the world’s oceans. The event wants to improve the way companies and industries operate in order to stop companies exploiting the oceans.

Oceans’ 17 is considered to be the best international events for the marine community and is vital for industries to come together and talk about the current issues in the world. Next year, the conference will cover a range of topics including new technology, ocean science and engineering. Before the conference kicks off, Oceans’ 17 will also release tutorials and lectures. These will come from guest speakers that are renowned across the world in their fields.

The event was launched by the Marine Technology Society and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society. Next year it will be held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and will run from the nineteenth of June to the twenty second of June 2017.

The event is expected to generate around two and a half million pounds which is great for Aberdeen’s economy. The event in 2017 is expecting to welcome more than six hundred people from across the globe. They also expect to host around sixty companies that will be showcasing both products and services that will benefit the marine industry.

The event was previously held in Aberdeen in 2007, ten years previous. The next conference will bring key figures from the marine engineering sector to discuss the changes seen in the industry over the past ten years.

Subsea UKSubsea UK have decided to work with the conference to show their support in sustaining and protecting the world’s oceans. The Chief Executive of Subsea UK, Neil Gordon has explained that they want to see companies develop new technology, new ideas and find better ways to work. He explained how important it was for the industry to operate and work with the oceans better.

Neil Gordon also shared why Oceans’ 17 was such an important event. He explained that it was a brilliant networking opportunity for thought leaders, the businesses with the latest technology and academics. He believes that by developing relationships, the marine industry can work better together across the globe.

Three of the key individuals organising the event are Neil Gordon from Subsea UK, Professor Sir Ian Diamond from the University of Aberdeen and Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski from Robert Gordon University.

Co-Chair of the Oceans’ 17 event, Professor John Watson said: “It’s great to have such a prestigious body as Subsea UK confirm that it will act as principal patron for this event. Subsea UK’s participation will ensure that the conference continues to be seen by academics and company representatives involved in global subsea research and engineering as a key event for their industry.”

More Women Needed In The Oil and Gas Industry

women in oil and gas

An expert has said that the UK oil and gas industry should take advantage of the economic downturn in order to figure out how to correct the gender imbalance that can currently be seen in the industry. Moving forward, it has been recommended that oil and gas companies should think about improving the gender imbalance as part of their future business strategies.

women employees for the oil and gas industry

Kate Williams, an offshore employment law expert has explained that oil and gas companies should consider implementing flexible working arrangements and more family friendly policies. If the industry decided to introduce these policies, it has been suggested that more women are likely to be attracted to the industry.

They also highlighted that making the oil and gas industry more family friendly, there will be need more online techniques involved such as using Oil and Gas directories where they can manage their procurement platform from their confort of home meaning more time spending with their families.

A recent survey by the industry body, Oil and Gas UK explained that the amount of women employed in the oil and gas industry is far less than the national average. On average women make up around forty seven per cent of a workforce in the UK. Unfortunately, in the oil and gas industry women only make up twenty three per cent of the workforce, which is far below the national average.

The twenty three per cent figure substantially drops when we turn to the offshore sector. In fact, only three point six per cent of women make up the offshore workforce.

There are huge benefits that can be seen when businesses choose to include more women in a workforce. These include: improved financial results, better productivity, a bigger talent pool and increased market responsiveness.

Williams understands that many may think she is strange for encouraging companies to retain and attract women into the business. This is because currently the oil and gas market is seeing huge job losses and spending cuts because of the drop in the price of oil.

She explains that many businesses in the oil and gas industry are realigning their focus in order to survive the current oil and gas crisis. Many companies are looking for ways to increase their performance and Kate believes that gender diversity is one strategy that should be considered.

Those employers that do not currently offer flexible working patterns should overhaul their current system in order to reap the business benefits that will come with employing more women.

Kate Williams continues to explain that in an economic downturn many industries implement a cut cut cut strategy which is not always effective. When the economy starts to improve, many industries start to recruit again. Kate wants to change the way industries work in these situations and the oil and gas sector is no exception.

Despite the uncertainty and challenges ahead, the oil and gas market could become a much more sustainable industry, if they increased the amount of women in their workforce.

Schlumberger Take Over Novatek



September was an incredibly good month for Schlumberger. The company announced that it had taken over both Novatek IP and Novatek Inc. The Novatek group have previously worked with Schlumberger on a number of successful projects, so it was a great move for both organisations.
Schlumberger Limited is currently the world’s biggest company that provides oilfield services. Founded in 1926, the company currently employs around one hundred and eight thousand employees and operates in over eighty five countries.


Novatek specialised in synthetic diamond technology, this technology is currently commonly used in the oil and gas industry. The relationship between Novatek and Schlumberger has always been incredibly positive and is only set to improve.

The two companies have developed technologies that have changed the oil and gas industry for the better. An example of their collaborative work can be seen in the Schlumberger’s StingBlade conical diamond element bit, this product has been a huge success in the market. The two companies have a range of new ideas that are currently being developed on by Schlumberger and will no doubt improve the current drilling technologies offered by them.

Novatek brings its six hundred patents and sixty years worth of experience to the acquisition. The company is set to continue developing its synthetic diamond technology and the company will still remain based in Utah.

The reason for the takeover is clear. By working together, Schlumberger can enhance and improve its drilling capabilities for its valued customers. They can also spend more time on research and will be able to improve both their engineering and manufacturing performance. This acquisition also further cements Schlumberger’s position as a global leader in the oil and gas industry.

In fact, this is the second acquisition the company has agreed to make over the last few months. This is despite the fact that the company had to recently make around twenty one thousand layoffs. Twenty one thousand redundancies accounted for around fifteen per cent of their total workforce, so this was a huge and devastating cut to many. These cutbacks were put down to the current situation in the oil and gas market and were seen as unavoidable.

Last month Schlumberger also acquired Cameron International – an oilfield equipment manufacturing organisation for a whopping fourteen point eight billion united states dollars.

Cameron is also a leading oil and gas service provider. They currently have a substantial catalogue of flow equipment items, services and systems that are of huge benefit to oil and gas companies across the globe. The company employs more than twenty four thousand employees and can be found operating in more than 300 worldwide locations.

The oil and gas market have been incredibly positive about this acquisition and if one thing’s for sure, we are expecting to see great things from the Schlumberger group over the next few years.

Knowing the Suppliers of Heat Exchangers



In this article you will get to know some of the known heat exchanger suppliers and a brief introduction of their companies and the services they provide. (source: https://www.engineeringcircle.com )

  • Doucette Industries, Ltd.

The organization is specifically about conveying their goods precisely on time and at some point before the given time and date of conveyance. Brief transportation of the requested item is upheld by the in-house stock of supplanting components.

Customization of any gadget to the particular particulars gives adaptability and innovativeness to meet the heat exchange needs of the client.

heat exchanger suppliers

Wide item decision gives accommodation of taking care of one shipper for the majority of the wishes of heat exchange, permitting you to spare packs of time and keep you from inconvenience.

Workforce have more than three hundred years of consolidated skill inside the assembling of the wheat exchangers alone, giving unquestionably once making the call to purchase various the absolute best quality heat exchange instrumentation realistic.

Extraordinary development in the heat exchange has a semiconductor diode to being perceived in light of the fact that Doucette can in any case seek after magnificence inside the improvement of its stock.

  • boilersuppliers.com

Wholesaler of heat exchangers and substitution tube groups from steel, 304 and 316 stainless-steel, Munoz metal and copper with twenty four hour freight reachable on most conventional U-tube packages that match various creators, spends significant time in cross referencing heat exchangers and U-tube packs. A few sizes of evaporator food tanks and pump zone unit possible with twenty four hour payloads.

As a merchant of heat exchangers, they offer a full shift substitution heat exchangers advertised.

  • JFD Tube and Coil Products Inc.

JFD Tube and Coil Inc. have been known to give fantastic stock subsequent since 1983. The Heat Exchangers are given at aggressive rates to different businesses and other items like paper, kettle repair, regular logic, sustenance methodology, healing centers and that’s just the beginning.

The organization provides other stocks too, like tube and pipe curls, tube and funnel twists, weight vessels, hair raiser barrels and blade loops. The stock produced is of unimaginable quality at moderate rates. The organization likewise has an inner crisis focus which responds to circumstances in as less as twenty four hours. The website of the organization has movement guides, solicitation to quote frames which are anything but difficult to fill and other fundamental and significant data for the buyers to help pick the correct stock.

  • Quintel, Inc.

This is basically a woman-owned manufacturer of heat exchangers specializing in device repair. The heat exchangers embrace boiler feed pump oil coolers, an XLE mechanical device inner cooler, compressor, U-bend heaters and main rotary engine oil coolers. They are capable of fabricating pipes to varying sizes and shapes from metals as well as stainless-steel, steel. Metallizing services for quite thirty materials are accessible. Testing services and the air testing of tubes or complete assembly, vacuum check, hydro test and leak testing of units are accessible.

Producers of the Heat Exchangers

Britannia Heatex have 30 years ability in the heat exchange part. They have made outlines in high caliber alongside an extensive variety of arrangements that can help clients to solve their particular issues.

Plate balance heat exchangers

The expanded surface heat exchangers use “Elfin” plate innovation, that outcomes in class-driving levels of execution and offers toughness.

Specialists have the due opportunity to adjust the financial backing and life span contemplations as they can determine the blends of diverse materials utilized, for example, copper composites, titanium and steel.

In the vortex division the specialists utilize clean air innovation, which then diminishes the weight misfortune and hence brings about lower upkeep expenses furthermore lessens the vitality utilization.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

shell and tube heat exchangers

With the wide range of businesses and the experience, it’s evident that there is an extensive variety of focused outlines that are accessible in the business sector and a whole produce administration for complete shell and tube heat exchangers.

The architects make utilization of the most developed heat and mechanical outline and procedures that are accessible which can incorporates the heat displaying and computational liquid progress (CFD).

Tube groups and U-tube packs

The organization produces various types of tube groups for new applications and additionally for the current ones. There are numerous substitutions for the units as well. The skill of the group and the experience of the group permit them to offer the longer future.

The treatment of containers of the heat exchanger, alongside the great group that is committed in the tube office, which implies that the packs can be produced without prior warning.

Bespoke heat exchangers

Britannia Heatex is presently dealing with to diminish the upkeep and downtime at force stations in Europe. This venture is right now in progress and it was encouraged by re-producing coolers and they utilized titanium tubes with tube plates that brought about an increment in imperviousness to erosion. With this the capability of ten-fold had an increment in the normal administration compass.

The air-cooled application, “Elfin” has expanded the surface innovation that additionally permits the utilization of copper blades over the titanium tubes. This is a procedure which is difficult as compared to the use of different strategies that are customary. Radiator centers are catered by the plain tube groups which likewise incorporates the hydrogen coolers.

Heat exchanger administrations

At Britannia Heatex, inventive arrangements are offered for a wide range of issues. They are novel arrangements that are motivating and accommodating in the meantime. One of the issues ordinarily confronted is about openness. Just in the event that the old heat exchanger is not uprooted, then it is going to have the issue experienced. The group at Brittania Heatex gives proficient and overall administration when the circumstance is unrealistic and troublesome, because of the time limitations and size, in expelling the current heat exchanger from a vessel.

The very gifted and completely prepared fitters can be taken at anyplace and are also accessible at short notice!