WIX Seo Hero Contest: What it is and how you can win Big through it

I am a SEO professional working as a freelancer. I have helped many people in improving the rankings of their websites and blogs.  Recently I bumped into my old college friend at a party where he told me how I can use my expertise as a SEO professional to win a prize of $50000.

He said that a competition is being organized by Wix.com in which the winner stands to get prize money of $5000. This contest has been named SEO Hero challenge Wix and it asks the contestants to prove their mettle in the field of SEO.

Anyone can register and take part in this contest called SEO Hero challenge. All it requires form the contestants is to create a website and optimize it using the key phrase SEO Hero. Registrations for the contest are open from 16 November till 16 December 2016. You can give any name to your website but the main condition is that it should be optimized with the term SEO Hero.



The contest shall remain open till March 2017. The winner of the contest will be the individual whose website ranks uppermost in the searches on Google using the term SEO Hero. Judges will conduct searches for the websites taking part in this contest between 13 and 15 March 2017 to check how they fare on Google.

Remember that this contest is in no way associated with Google or any other search engine. The winner will be receiving a cash prize of $50000. The judge of this contest will be Eran Haurvitz. He is the CEO of a company called Market360Inc.

Eran is a SEO expert himself and he will be checking that the contestants have made use of best practices in SEO or not. Contestants having used black hat SEO techniques would be debarred from the competition. If you are taking part in this contest, you should submit your URL before 16 December 2016 to be eligible for the prize money.

You cannot use an existing website to take part in SEO Hero contest and you have to buy a new domain to be eligible for the contest. Afterwards, you also need to make account with Google search console and analytics. Link the account with the official website of SEO Hero and set down to optimize your website.  Who knows it could be you winning this competition?

Henry M

Henry is an experienced SEO professional supporting companies to dominate their competition! I have been living in Boston and worked for the last 10 years as an SEO Manager. With encouragement of friends Henry has started the FasterServer company in 2013. In his free time, Henry loves to play his guitar and cycling.

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